Male and Female Infertility

Michele Nysse Fertility and NaturopathHow I can help you

I have a variety of clients who come to me wanting to achieve a healthy pregnancy, or who are having infertility issues.  These are people who may have had miscarriages, surgical procedures such as a vasectomy reversal, irregular cycles, and other problems that are impacting their ability to conceive.  I work with these couples to address their concerns and optimise their overall health so they are more likely to achieve pregnancy.

Infertility and healthy pregnancy treatment plan
The initial Consultation with the couple usually takes 2 hours, and involves a detailed assessment of their lifestyle and nutritional status, previous health history and reproductive health. A Fertility questionnaire is given to each couple prior to their consultation so this gives some focus for the interview.

Menstrual cycle charting
Menstrual cycle charting is outlined and shown to the couple. In many cases couples are not familiar with menstrual or Natural Fertility charting. However I can provide these charts and explain how they are filled in, and what the particular observations mean. I am readily available to respond to any questions on the charting that may arise once they begin to chart. When a full cycle has been completed I will then assess their menstrual chart to establish any patterns with respect to fertile cervical mucus, ovulation timing and other body symptoms. There are timing techniques which can be utilised to improve the chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy. These may include their lunar peak fertile times. Knowledge of these can be very helpful for a couple who have had difficulty conceiving or sustaining a healthy pregnancy.

Improving reproductive and overall health
Herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle changes, as well as specific nutrients (supplementation), can have a significant effect on the cervical mucus, ovulation timing and health of the male and female reproductive system. I can prescribe an individual herbal formula which has safe, well-researched herbs chosen to suit the particular individual and what their needs are at the time. There are well documented herbs which can improve hormonal balance, immunity, liver function, nervous system and digestive function. All parts of our body are inter-related so we need to focus on strengthening the health of all body systems. This is where specific yoga poses, breathing and relaxation practices can be most helpful. Where there is interest in exploring these, they will be offered with the consultation. While there is a focus on improving reproductive, digestive, hormonal and nervous system health, the overall health of both the male and female is improved.

In cases of repeated miscarriage or difficulty conceiving I will refer the couple to have specific medical and fertility tests done, to determine the most likely cause of this. Then a treatment plan can be initiated to address these issues.

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