Essential Nutrients

Male fertility – essential nutrients for healthy development of sperm

Zinc –  Zinc is vital for the healthy development of sperm. A zinc deficiency is associated with decreased testosterone levels, reduced sperm numbers, motility and increased morphology issues. Every male needs zinc. 30-60 mg (elemental zinc) daily.

Manganese – a severe deficiency can lead to a total lack of sperm.

Potassium – to increase sperm motility.

Calcium – Calcium is a key component of seminal fluid, supporting and nourishing sperm. 400 mg daily.  

Magnesium  – 200 mg.  

Copper – too much or too little can be a problem.

Coenzyme Q10 – increases sperm counts and motility and through its antioxidant effect protects sperm from damage. 100mg day

Chromium – especially important if person has hypoglycemia or sugar cravings. Chromium is involved in glucose metabolism and blood sugar balance.

Selenium – Increases sperm production and motility. Protects against deformities. 100mcg per day.

Bee Pollen – has a reputation for being a fertility booster in men.

Essential Fatty Acids – These are essential for male reproductive health. They provide the energy sperm require, the fluidity necessary for fertilisation and are used in the manufacture of hormones. 1000mg three times a day.  Eat fish regularly.

Folic acid – Folate is just as important for men as it is women. It is important in sperm production, and improves sperm count.

Vitamin A – needed for sperm and hormone production. 10,000 iu or 6 mg Beta-carotene daily. 

Vitamin B complex  – All the B’s are useful to counteract stress. B12 (400 mcg) is important for increasing sperm count and motility, B5 for healthy testes.

Vitamin C – High levels can protect against genetic abnormalities and can increase motility. Vitamin C prevents sperm agglutination (clumping of sperm,1000-5000mg) per day.

Vitamin DThis is required for sperm motility and sperm count. It affects the calcium levels in sperm. 

Vitamin E – A severe deficiency can lead to a total lack of sperm. This is required for a good sperm count and motility. Vitamin E also protects the DNA of sperm from damage, and can improve the sperms ability to fertilise ova. 400-800 iu per day. Wheat germ oil is high in Vitamin E.

Amino acids – These are needed for sperm production and motility.

Arginine – Improves all aspects of sperm health. 3000mg /day. Take between meals with water. (avoid arginine supplements if there is a history of herpes).

Carnitine:  L-carnitine provides energy to sperm cells and contributes directly to the motility of sperm. 400 mg three times daily between meals.

Anti-oxidants – Seminal and prostatic fluids are high in these, especially zinc and selenium. With reduced levels of anti-oxidants, sperm become hyperactive before ejaculation and become exhausted. Antioxidant nutrients include Vitamins A, C and E and the minerals zinc and selenium. These nutrients also offer protection from the damage of free radicals and oxidation within the body.